Basic Retirement Planning Financial Concepts

“401Ks are the greatest government scam ever perpetrated on the American public.” – William Wollman, The Great 401(k) Hoax



Lets talk facts:

All 401Ks are a rip off (really, check out any of these articles) (CBS-60 minutes has aired numerous documentaries proving this) (I have tons of documented proof articles/items if interested). However generally speaking…most of the time it is still advised to contribute to a company’s retirement program (the terms ira/401k are blanketed to encompass all qualified retirement savings vehicles/programs) if one gets a match & ONLY up to the match. Any contributions over the match is a waste of money-at this point a saver is only further building up a “shared” (Because of “deferred” (DELAYED) taxes and/or taxes future tax hikes) retirement savings account between them & the IRS! (Again, I have documented proof if interested). Summary on the above:  “401Ks are the greatest government scam ever perpetrated on the American public.” – William Wollman, The Great 401(k) Hoax. However, there are better non-traditional retirement programs of which I specialize in (these plans are little known.

There are basically 3 ways to save for retirement. 401Ks: individual brokerage accounts & principal protected insurance products like “special” life insurance/annuity contracts (with LIVING benefits-this is not ordinary “life insurance”). ALWAYS choosing the latter (specially designed life insurance with living benefits & annuity contracts) yields the best results (again, I have documented proof if interested).

I have irrefutable documented proof to substantiate the above claims. None of my clients have ever lost a single penny & none ever will. My clients win by NEVER losing (losing money that is) (how much more money would you have right now if you weren’t affected by the last two monumental market crashes?)  (again, my clients didn’t lose a cent because of indexing, principal guarantees & locked in interest gains). EVERYTHING that we (the American public) have been told about saving for retirement is WRONG! (again, I have documented proof if interested).

Many financial advisors make mistakes that hurt & cost their clients money every day. Regardless of what someone does for a living…it’s the same for each job title, we are all either below average, average or above average at what we do. Two of the areas that you don’t want someone below average are health & finance! I have never made a mistake that has hurt one of my clients in any way or caused them tax consequences or a loss of money (by continuing to follow the IRS’s guidelines, rules & legal laws in general & “doing the right thing” for my clients…I don’t see how I ever will!). I continue to strive everyday to be as far above average as possible.

Lastly, I must clarify:  Technically my title is Registered Financial Consultant. It’s imperative to know that I don’t like to be “labeled” or saddled with the title of “financial advisor“. Although I do give financial advice, there is a big difference between the typical ‘financial advisor’ label because when you hear this label you usually think of a (stock broker)  (don’t get me started on ‘stock brokers’…). The big difference is this:  stock brokers routinely (kind of like the weather man…) get paid to give bad advice which ultimately loses money for their clients (has anyone ever not lost money with a stock broker?). It’s important to know that I am a “Safe Money & Tax Free RetirementSPECIALIST & not a typical “financial advisor“. Sorry for rattling on about stock brokers, but it just irritates me how someone gets paid for losing money for their clients (I’ll never understand how this is socially acceptable!). Every working American has a choice going forward…never lose money again in the stock market (by working with me) or continue to pay a stock broker to lose money for them!


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