I Need Your Help

Will you join my crusade to stimulate our local economy, by first stimulating yours?


Please help me get this valuable & extremely powerful information into the Hands of as Many Prominent CPAs as Possible Across the state in order to help me stimulate our state’s economy!

The following paragraphs explain how we can infuse literally hundreds of millions of dollars into our state’s economy by working together.  I need the help of CPAs as well as other financial professionals to stimulate our state’s economy because most businesses & companies rely solely on the advice of their CPA.  Two recent examples of why I need the help of CPAs to bring this information to their clients:  Recently a newly acquired client told me two minutes into our initial conversation…”I asked my CPA about this & he said that doesn’t apply to you.”  My response was “that was $63,000 worth of bad advice!”  Reason being:  Most CPAs are simply unaware of the specialized LITTLE-KNOWN tax solutions that my elite group brings to the table.  Let me be perfectly clear, CPAs are a vital part of our economy & I have the utmost respect for them.  However, over my twenty year career, as I have brought a lucrative benefit to the table for a new prospective client that thousands of clients across the country have already benefited from…because their CPA didn’t fully understand my proposal (even though it was/is in the tax code) their CPA advised them against my proposal, which on average is a benefit of $250,000.  In this most recent example the CPA came on board rather easily, which resulted in a $63,000 tax refund from the IRS for our joint manufacturing client.  Everyone of course was a winner here, especially our client who is now $63,000 richer!  Another recent example, during the first meeting for a software development company with a $7 million payroll, I sat down with the CFO (also a CPA) & the COO.  As I was explaining the fact that the typical CPA was unaware of my impending proposal, that’s when she informed me that she was also a CPA…no harm, no foul & she was open minded enough to say that “no one can know everything,” this was music to my ears & needless to say they also became a new client & were $470,000 richer because of my elite group & me!

My point to all this simple:  We are an ethical & honest national company & adhere to the highest possible standards of integrity & have over 30,000 happy national clients, that collectively we have added over $300 million to our clients’ bottom line.  Our team consists of some of the top tax attorneys, specialized CPAs & etc. in the U.S.  We of course follow  the letter of the tax law to a ‘t’ & do exactly what the IRS permits (not only what they ‘permit’ but what they also RECOMMEND,) it’s because of this that our clients always benefit the most that they legally can!

Please pass this information along to everyone that you think could possibly benefit from it.  This would include all types of centers of influence…not only CPAs but chamber presidents, corporate attorneys, tax attorneys & the like, especially business owners & company presidents.  Everything we do for a client is ALWAYS mutually beneficial (way more so for our client of course than for us, just as it should be.  Everything we do is ALWAYS a true win-win!

Here is a good analogy of what I do & what I’m trying to accomplish:  An off-duty Fire Chief riding by your office/facility notices smoke & fire blazes, he runs in unannounced & tries to tell the receptionist/gatekeeper that he is here to help & needs to call for assistance to put out the fire, she matter of factly says…do you have an appointment?  I reply, of course not but you need my help!  She says, no thank you or something else to the effect of we’ll ‘contact’ you if interested!  My point is:  When I visit a  great/perfect candidate for our services/tax solutions unannounced, this is how it usually goes!  Not always, but more times than not!

Occasionally, when I make a cold call (unannounced visit) it is because our marketing/research department is 99.9% certain that  the business/company that I’m visiting is ‘on fire’ financially & needs our help!

Clarification:  Any business or company that is not on the Fortune 100 list…there is a 99.9% probability that we can benefit them.  One simply doesn’t realize that if they have never worked with us…their company is ‘on fire’ financially, they just haven’t smelled or seen any smoke to tip them off!

I need prominent CPAs to make a reverse 911 call on my behalf to get me in the door so I that we can save the day!

In closing, of course CPAs or anyone that wants to partner with us will incur a revenue share.  Again, our goal is to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with EVERYONE involved!

We already have several major national partnerships with well known companies & associations such as Keller-Williams Commercial & ELFA (National Association of Econo-Lodges.)  These are just a couple of many!

Important clarification:  We don’t deal in LOOPHOLES… EVERYTHING we do is RECOMMENDED & APPROVED by the IRS, because this LITTLE-KNOWN information is buried in the 83,000 page tax code!

Important Note:

Reading every single word of this ‘need to know’ information could result in the addition of at least $50,000 to your bottom line!

Reason being:  We won’t even ask for your business if we can’t add at least $50,000 (NET) to your bottom line!

We benefit our average manufacturing client $250,000!

After reading this potentially lucrative information, call Jeff Futrell @ 336-254-8432 to discuss.

Will you join my crusade to stimulate our local economy, by first stimulating yours?  Please read these paragraphs to learn how this can be accomplished via the following unique & elite financial services & solutions.

As a special thank you I would like to offer anyone that helps me garner a new, valuable & important client, a bird-dog (referral fee) of 10% of my compensation.

By working together this accomplishes primarily 3 things:  (#1) More people can benefit from my financial expertise & the monetarily beneficial solutions that I specialize in.  (#2) My business grows.  (#3) Allows me to add more staff & put more people to work.

Below is a PARTIAL list of unique & elite financial services & solutions that I specialize in.  (Our vast national network of financial professionals/connections makes us privy to ANY financial product, service or solution.  We even have a connection to Warren Buffet!)

Important note: Most of the following are rather exclusive & most are proprietary in nature, therefore my financial group of ONLY 500 elite national consultants are the only consultants in the USA that even know of their existence!

Tax-Free Wealth Transfer Program (this is brand new!)
Business exit strategies-succession planning-key man/buy-sell agreements.
Leveraged-100% safe-principal & gains protected Tax-Free Retirement ‘Savings’ Program (ONLY for qualified business owners.) (This is truly amazing!)
The #1 (based on market share) selling & ONLY UNCAPPED FIXED INDEX (HYBRID) ANNUITY linked to a commodities index available on the market.
BEST & ONLY ANTI-ANNUITY ON THE MARKET-if either an annuity is not right for you or if you hate your existing annuity & want out!
100% safe-principal & gains protected Tax-Free Retirement ‘Savings’ Plan for anyone.
UNLIMITED commercial loans available-minimum loan amount is $1 million (if applicant qualifies for $500 million…we will loan it to them & we guarantee the BEST rates & terms with an 83% approval rate!)
Oldest business brokerage-mergers & acquisitions company in the nation.
We handle/facilitate all major class-action lawsuit claims for merchants & business owners (anything business related.)
Various merchant services.
Best NO-CREDIT financing programs for any business-GUARANTEED! (compare & see!)
FREE business evaluation services ($10k value on average.)
Cash flow maximization strategies for businesses & companies.
Numerous specialized tax incentives-audits-cost recovery-expense reduction-federal hiring incentives & maximization of operating efficiency programs for all types of businesses & companies.
BEST-absolute lowest prices garnered via our FREE Discount Prescription Drug Card-average savings via this card are 47% (endorsed & implemented by former Mayor Bloomberg for the City of New York in 2008-be sure to ask me for one!)

Summary:  We have access to the BEST financial products, services & solutions available in the financial world for both individuals & the business/corporate world!

Would it be worth a 15 minute conversation to determine if we could improve your financial situation?

Call me directly today to find out @ 336-254-8432.

P.S.  If you have an obscure financial problem or have a question regarding a financial matter that you don’t see listed here…please ask me & I will find a solution or answer for you!

Our goal is to help everyone improve their finances/bottom line.

We sincerely want to help you & want your business.  Call today…while it’s fresh on your mind!  (336-254-8432)

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite business related quotes.  Mark Twain said “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble…it’s what you know for SURE that just ain’t so!”

What this means to me is…all too often I encounter people that “KNOW FOR SURE” that I can’t possibly improve their financial situation!  I guarantee that I can improve ALMOST everyone’s financial situation (99 out of 100!)  Strictly regarding our Business Solutions…if I/we can’t bring at least a $50k monetary benefit to the table, we will not even ask for your business!

So, I’m asking you to not be one of ‘these’ people & let me see what I can do for you via a no-cost, no-obligation consultation!

Your Financial Well-Being depends on it!

I/we have tens of thousands of not only satisfied clients…but ecstatic clients ready to testify on our behalf!

P.P.S.  Be sure to visit www.JeffFutrell.com to learn more about how I help people with their finances!

Re: Specialized Tax Incentives, Federal Incentives, Stimulus Funds & ALL Monies Solely Earmarked for U.S. Businesses/Companies

You should have a 15 minute FREE qualifying consultation with us to make sure that you are not leaving any money on the table!  Especially if you are concerned that your competition will capitalize on & benefit from our expertise & rest assured…THEY WILL!

This consultation can be done today or scheduled in the near future.  (It ONLY takes 15 minutes!)

Reason being:  You may already be taking advantage of ‘SOME’ of this money, but I am pretty sure…not ‘ALL’ that you are eligible for.

Regardless of your current accounting, tax & legal team…we can STILL help & benefit you.  This is precisely why I am here!

We benefit our average  client $250k!

Would you spend $5k to NET $50k?  Or, $30k to NET $300k?  (Our benefit/cost ratio is 10 to 1, not a bad ROI!)

Again, our minimum NET monetary benefit per client is $50k, LET ME REPEAT…THAT’S A NET BENEFIT!!  So, if we can’t benefit you at least $50k NET, I will not even suggest that you do business with us!

Can I have 15 minutes to determine what you might qualify for?

P.P.P.S.  Please studiously read my ‘Local Economic Stimulus Plan’ coming up next!

P.P.P.P.S.  My goal is to eventually implement this plan across our entire state!

P.P.P.P.P.S.  Will you join my crusade to help stimulate our Local Economy?

P.P.P.P.P.P.S.  I will eventually stimulate/improve our state’s economy by inviting prominent business leaders to luncheon’s       one county at a time, until my mission is accomplished!  This project reminds me of that saying, “how do you eat an entire   elephant?  One bite at a time!

Re: Local Economic Stimulus Plan

Please take just a few minutes to read every single word of this extremely valuable & potentially monetarily beneficial information.  I will be holding a free luncheon regarding this plan soon & I will send you an invite.

After reading this, unless you have already had your initial discovery consultation, call me directly on my cell @ 336-254-8432 to schedule a free phone consultation before you stroke your check to Uncle Sam!

A brief introduction of myself (Jeff Futrell, RFC) I have lived in Graham, NC all my life.  I have worked out of my independent financial office in Burlington, NC since 1995. I specialize in unique & elite financial solutions (of which some are rather exclusive & proprietary.)

I am on a mission to help stimulate our local economy by helping commercial property owners, business owners & company presidents keep more of their HARD-EARNED cash in their own pocket instead of Uncle Sam’s!

I need your help!  Please help me stimulate our local economy by first, stimulating yours!

For example: 10 savvy local business owners/companies that work with us to save money on taxes, equals approx. $2.5 million kept within our local community.  This money can be used for business expansion, job creation & more money to patronize our local businesses with. That’s because our average tax-savings/monetary benefit is $250k per client!

Then 10 of you refer me to your partners/associates, etc.  Now we have 20 prominent local businesses & companies involved in our crusade.  At this point, we have now infused $5 million into our local economy.

We keep doubling our efforts until we have helped & benefited 160 businesses & companies.  This equates to an approx. influx of $40 million into our local economy.

Can you imagine what kind of impact this will have on our local economy?  (“A rising tide raises all ships!”)

This reminds me of that quote…”evil prevails when good men do nothing.”  I realize we are not necessarily talking about evil here…but since we have the ability to improve everyone’s quality of life in our community, shouldn’t we?

BTW…these are specialized tax incentives that the typical CPA is either UNAWARE of or doesn’t know how to fully take advantage of.

I mean no disrespect to CPAs, etc.  Many of my clients are CPAs that are business owners/presidents & we will work with your CPA to garner these benefits.  No one can “know everything.”  Most CPAs just aren’t up to speed on this (not enough time!)

Important: We don’t want to do your taxes…as we are not tax preparers, even though we have specialized CPAs on our team!

We are as different as night & day compared to a typical CPA. Again, no disrespect to CPAs, just different disciplines.

Visit our website for further edification of that statement:  www.gmgsavings.com.

America’s IRA expert, Ed Slott, CPA says…the ONLY way to build real wealth in this country, is to keep as much of your money as is LEGALLY possible, away from the IRS!

We are here to help you do just that!

Again, the average monetary benefit per client is $250k.  That’s correct, TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

We work on a contingency basis. There is NO risk to you.  Let us determine what we can do for you & what you qualify for, for FREE.  Then, after we quote you the monetary benefit that we can garner for you & we disclose how much we will charge you for the project, you can decide if you want to hire us contingently to go to work for you!

We just saved a local business owner almost $500k on his taxes.  That’s about $250k above the average.  Needless to say…he is a happy-camper!

P.S.  If you know of any business owner or the head of any company (anywhere in the USA) that would like to learn for free, how they can legally pay the IRS less taxes…they may call my office toll-free @ 1-888-705-5557 (x6102) or myself directly
@ 336-254-8432 to schedule a free phone consultation.

Regarding Specialized Tax Incentives, Cost Recovery Opportunities, Federal Initiatives, High-End Stimulus Funds & etc:

As a small business owner myself for 20 years, I would like to ask a small favor!

Important note: We don’t have a product/widget to sell you.  We only want to add some money to your bottom line via availing yourself our expertise & specialized services.

I would sincerely appreciate the brief opportunity to earn your business…(my small favor!)

I am reaching out to you because I am pretty sure (99.9%+) that I can be of value to your business.

We monetarily benefit our average client $250k & if we can’t benefit you at least $50k, I won’t even ask for your business.  Fair enough?

I need to have a free, no-obligation discovery conference call to see if you qualify (which you probably do, even though you probably think you don’t!)

At the end of the short call (usually takes 10-15 minutes) 1 of 2 things will occur:  (#1)  We will provide a firm estimated benefit that we can capture, if you are eligible.  (#2)  We will inform you that you aren’t eligible for any monies/benefits & thank you for your time (no harm-no foul-no cost to you!)

We hope to enter into a mutually beneficial business relationship with you.

We simply get a percentage of the gross benefit that we garner for you.

We have over 30k national clients along with references & testimonials on our website.

Another important note:  Although our specialized Tax Solutions Group is comprised of some of the top CPAs, Tax Attorneys, Engineers, former IRS Employees, Project Managers & etc. in the country, we don’t do taxes & we don’t want to replace your current accounting and/or legal team, we simply want to join forces with your team & work together with you & your team.

We provide highly specialized tax solutions that are typically outside the realm of expertise of most CPAs & Accountants.

Call Jeff Futrell, RFC today @ 336-254-8432 to determine if you missing out on any
savings opportunities/monies & again, I’m fairly certain you are!

Lastly, it won’t cost anything but a little time to find out!   (www.GMGSavings.com)

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