Jeff Futrell (aka ‘The Connector,’) is a well known champion for businesses, helping them reduce both their Operating Costs and their Tax Burden.

Jeff is also known as ‘Mr. Safe Money‘ for his unique, IRS Approved, Safe Principal Protected & TAX-FREE Retirement Solutions.

“The wealthy don’t utilize IRAs and 401Ks, those methods are TAX TRAPS. They leverage programs that will get Uncle Sam OUT of their pockets FOREVER! It’s not only safe, offering principal protection, but it can be Tax Advantaged on the way in, and it’s TAX-FREE on the way out!”

Business Owners, Presidents, Corporate Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs …

You know how Business Owners are always trying to lower their Operating Expenses and reduce their Tax Burden?

I solve both.

I do this by utilizing a unique and elite NATIONAL TEAM of cost saving & recovery experts – the ‘Best of the Best.’ With 143 (many are proprietary) ways to save & find money, these specialized teams will more than likely find areas where you have over paid for services required to operate your business.

We monetarily benefit our clients $250k net on average.

To learn more about how our extensive suite of solutions can benefit your business, please visit these informative websites:


You know how most Americans, especially successful business owners feel that they pay way too much in taxes?

I also solve this issue.

I do this by utilizing a proprietary program that can SAFELY generate Tax-Free Wealth in a principal protected environment. Anyone can use this vehicle to “Get Uncle Sam OUT of their pockets FOREVER!” However, business owners have a HUGE advantage that allows them to create ‘MASSIVE WEALTH SAFELY WITH NO RISK!

To find out how to create ‘SAFE MASSIVE TAX-FREE WEALTH‘ for your retirement please visit: www.LeveragedPlanning.com and www.JeffFutrell.com.

Jeff has also written 6 financial books to help consumers.


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