Basic Retirement Planning Financial Concepts

“401Ks are the greatest government scam ever perpetrated on the American public.” – William Wollman, The Great 401(k) Hoax



Lets talk facts:

All 401Ks are a rip off (really, check out any of these articles) (CBS-60 minutes has aired numerous documentaries proving this) (I have tons of documented proof articles/items if interested). However generally speaking…most of the time it is still advised to contribute to a company’s retirement program (the terms ira/401k are blanketed to encompass all qualified retirement savings vehicles/programs) if one gets a match & ONLY up to the match. Any contributions over the match is a waste of money-at this point a saver is only further building up a “shared” (Because of “deferred” (DELAYED) taxes and/or taxes future tax hikes) retirement savings account between them & the IRS! Continue reading “Basic Retirement Planning Financial Concepts”