I Need Your Help

Will you join my crusade to stimulate our local economy, by first stimulating yours?


Please help me get this valuable & extremely powerful information into the Hands of as Many Prominent CPAs as Possible Across the state in order to help me stimulate our state’s economy!

The following paragraphs explain how we can infuse literally hundreds of millions of dollars into our state’s economy by working together.  I need the help of CPAs as well as other financial professionals to stimulate our state’s economy because most businesses & companies rely solely on the advice of their CPA.  Two recent examples of why I need the help of CPAs to bring this information to their clients:  Recently a newly acquired client told me two minutes into our initial conversation…”I asked my CPA about this & he said that doesn’t apply to you.”  My response was “that was $63,000 worth of bad advice!”  Reason being:  Most CPAs are simply unaware of the specialized LITTLE-KNOWN tax solutions that Continue reading “I Need Your Help”

Leveraged Planning Solutions

Would you rather your account start at zero or $75k?

This is a video exclusively for incorporated business owners. Interested in the solutions it shows? Drop me a line! I will be happy to make this plan a reality for you and your business.

The quick 5 minute video explains how to jump start your tax-free retirement program by using other people’s money (OPM) ours! Via this proprietary retirement program we will immediately put at least $75k into your plan.

Would you rather your account start at zero or $75k?

We literally have made millionaires virtually overnight with this program. Remember the first million is on us!

We can loan up to tens of millions of dollars to give your account a ‘head start.’

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